Twenty Years in the Making

Formed in 2003 by Paul and Dave, TOFU is a band driven by a shared love for the music that shaped our youth. What began as casual Friday jam sessions in Dave's basement evolved into a journey of musical growth and performance excellence.

Starting with small gigs for friends and family, we gradually refined our skills, with Paul taking up rhythm guitar to allow Dave to focus on lead riffs. As our proficiency increased, we transitioned to paid performances at bars, restaurants, and wineries. The positive response from our followers led to bookings for private events and corporate functions.

Our musical evolution centered around perfecting harmonies and showcasing the beauty of chord synergy. Embracing spontaneity, we abandoned setlists, tailoring each performance to the unique preferences of the audience. Recognizing the importance of seamless entertainment, we eliminated traditional band breaks, ensuring a continuous, captivating experience for our listeners.

Our commitment to both loyal followers and new audiences is unwavering—we strive to deliver our best at every performance. For those who hire us, our promise is that your investment will be rewarded with an unforgettable musical experience, encouraging you to invite us back for future engagements.

As we celebrate 20 years of music-making, we extend our gratitude for the cherished memories and invite you to join us for more unforgettable shows. Thank you for being part of our journey.

- Paul Cassimatis and Dave Blevins

Noboleis Vineyards-Augusta
Hermannhof Winery - Hermann
1837 Bar - Hermann

TOFU For More Than 20 Years